Chris Wolstenholme
Biographical information
Birth name
Christopher Tony Wolstenholme
December 2nd, 1978
Rotherham, England
6' 1" (1.85m)
Other information
Bass guitar, guitar, keyboards
Years active
Associated act(s)
Fixed Penalty

Christopher Tony Wolstenholme - commonly known as Christopher/Chris Wolstenholme - is the bass guitarist of Muse. Chris also provides backing vocals for many of the band's songs, plays guitar for one or two songs live (including "Hoodoo"), and co-writes the band's music with Matt and Dom. Wolstenholme also used to play keyboard live sometimes, though does not anymore due to the arrival of Morgan Nicholls.



Christopher Tony Wolstenholme was born in Rotherham, England on December 2nd, 1978, before moving to Devon with his family in 1989. Wolstenholme became interested in music at an early age as his mother used to be a regular record-buyer. At the age of 11, Wolstenholme attended Teignmouth Community College. During his teenage years, Chris began to play guitar, before drums and finally bass guitar when he met Matt and Dom.

When at TCC, Chris played drums for a band called Fixed Penalty. Fixed Penalty was a band which covered songs by Mega City Four and The Wonder Stuff, "that sort of thing", which "really pissed off" Chris. So, after being asked by Matt and Dom to join their band, Rocket Baby Dolls, as bassist and backing vocalist, Chris accepted. Rocket Baby Dolls played one gig, which was a battle of the bands contest at Broadmeadow Sports Centre in Teignmouth. After winning the contest, the three boys decided to forget about university and undertake a career in music with their new band, Muse.
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