Exogenesis is a three-track symphony in Muse's first album, The Resistance. It was inspired by progressive rock bands which have made a similar symphonic piece.


Exogenesis is split across 3 tracks at the end of the album, each with a separate subtitle. Respectively, the tracks are the ninth, tenth and eleventh on The Resistance. Despite technically being three songs, they were released together as a single, with the full length 12:51.


Exogenesis is the notion that life came to Earth from elsewhere in the universe (literally "begun outside" or "external origin"). This fits with the title for Part II, "Cross Pollination".


Matt stated he would like "at least one 15-minute space-rock solo" and "dancing, grooving, rhythm section-dominated songs".

He later confirmed that he was indeed working on a 14 minute long "progressive" song that was "like a slimy opera version [of previous Muse songs]", which Dom called a "symphonic monster". Matt implied this song was difficult to compose as he was arranging the orchestral elements himself due to the fear of a composer changing the music. Dom has said that the song "starts quite mellow and ends up very heavy indeed whilst moving through a few genres to get there."