The Newton Abbot Demo is an early Muse cassette demo, released some time in 1997. It features eleven songs, of which six appeared as B-sides (two under different names), one appeared on the final Showbiz album, and four appeared only on this demo.

In 2008, the cassette was auctioned on eBay, selling for £700 (US$910 as of May 2017).

Track listingEdit

11-track cassetteEdit

  1. "Falling with the Crowd"
  2. "Agitated"
  3. "Coma"
  4. "Balloonatic"
  5. "Forameus"
  6. "Boredom"
  7. "Crazy Days"
  8. "Sober"
  9. "Jimmy Kane"
  10. "Rain"
  11. "Ashamed"

6-track cassetteEdit

From the same recording session.

  1. "Coma"
  2. "Balloonatic"
  3. "Untitled" (Sober)
  4. "Boredom"
  5. "Jimmy Kane"
  6. "Ashamed"
Newton Abbot Demo

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